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Cougar Dating Explained

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last decade, you'll have come across cougar dating. The concept of a cougar is that an older woman dates a younger man in an obligation-free arrangement that is great fun for both parties! The concept of the older woman is still something of a taboo, whilst people think nothing of a man dating a woman half his age. Is that fair? Of course it's not... That's why at CougarNaai we are all about equality and are determined to keep helping mature women find younger men for nights of passion! We're nice like that.

Cougar Women

So what are cougar women really like? A cougar woman is mature in years and has developed a certain class and poise, and yet lost none of her libido! In fact, many studies show women over forty years old get a 'second wind' - a renewed passion for love-making. The seminal film, The Graduate, captured the world's imagination with its portrayal of a middle aged woman conducting an affair with a boyish Dustin Hoffman. Mrs Robinson summed up the allure of a cougar as she exuded a sultry class which intoxicated the younger protagonist. Cougar dating is all about the experienced older woman and the energetic younger man. Women of a certain age have seen it all and bring a certain authority and savvy to the bedroom. Join CougarNaai free now and start meeting cougars in your area.

Date A Cougar

By now you've hopefully realized dating a cougar is a great idea. So, how do you meet one? Well Cougar Naai is the best place to meet one obviously! You need to know how to handle yourself though, and understand there are some power games at work. Cougars like to call the shots. They also are not attracted to needy men, so forget calling her every day or expecting to monopolise her attention. You're just a play-thing in her mind. Instead, just strap yourself in for the ride and go where she wants to take you!

Dealing With The Age Gap

Dating a mature woman is no walk in the park. Don't get us wrong, it's loads of fun, but you need to know how to handle a woman who is seriously experienced. Many cougars are women with good jobs and are used to getting their own way. You need walk the line between letting them be boss but also not seeming like a weedy pushover. Our cougar-dating tip: mix it up. Sometimes cave in, other times show some youthful impetuosity! Remember the biggest secret to a mature woman's heart: keep telling her how great she looks, and how young. Sounds corny? Wrong - they will lap it up every time. They cannot help themselves.